Baseball Glove Leather Conditioner

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Sarna Baseball® Glove Leather Conditioner is a true leather conditioner that does not contain detrimental waxes as active ingredients. Our formula allows the leather to breathe ensuring durability and a long healthy life.  It also softens your new, stiff leather glove to assist in properly breaking it in.  Trust in Sarna Leather Conditioner to preserve and protect your gloves and to treat them as they should be treated. 

  • Keep your expensive baseball mitts soft and ready for play.
  • Break-in your equipment faster with our premium formula.
  • Restore old worn mitts to their former glory.
  • Will not darken the leather or alter the color.

We are created by ball players, for ball players.

Made in the USA.


"We use SARNA Baseball Glove Conditioner around our locker room daily. Having a well-rounded glove is essential for performance and SARNA has delivered the best product to do just that. Combined with SARNA's Glove Oil, it helps our players keep their gloves in top playing conditioner for any type of weather and throughout the long season."

- OU Baseball


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 83 reviews
    Aaron Deutsch
    Great Product

    I love how this product is not waxy like some of the other conditioners. I have been applying it to my A2K religiously the past two weeks and it looks great.

    David Cuellar

    Works really well

    Todd Lawler
    5 star 🌟 product

    Sarna's baseball glove conditioner is a top-rated product, earning five stars for its ability to revive old gloves and maintain the softness of current ones. I've personally used it on various types of gloves, and it consistently delivers excellent results without fail.

    Derek Primeau
    Best Product on the Market

    This is the best glove conditioner I have used. So much so that I stocked up with 4 bottles. There really is no comparison. It absorbs nicely and keeps the glove colour true to the original look.


    loved it worked great on my glove

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